Our Bakery

What's in Store

Our fans are probably wondering where the rest of the good stuff is!  From gourmet cheesecakes to fun holiday cookies, Moondance offers a wider range of gluten free treats than any other bakery around!  If you don’t find something you like at our online store, just check in with your favorite retailer.


Moondance is based on the idea that gluten free can be fun.  We offer great seasonal treats including iced holiday cookies and cookie platters so you can enjoy the holidays like everyone else!


We’ll put our cheesecakes up against anyone – gluten free or not!  Made with our own buttery crust and a range of flavors and sizes you can find a treat just for you or for a whole party!

(This is the best gluten free stuff ever)

Our Stores

From our first placement in Jungle Jim‘s in Cincinnati to major national retailers like Whole Foods and Kroger, we’ve always focused on getting our products into as many retailers as possible.  As a small business, we’re proud of the hundreds of smaller stores that carry our products.  For more information about where you can find our products check out this link.

And Finally...

Thank You!  Seriously, getting to this point has take a lot of time and hard work and we wouldn’t be here without the help of our family, friends, employees, business partners and customers.