All About Moondance

Where do I even begin?  I started Moondance nearly 15 years ago in my kitchen.  Now we sell our products coast-to-coast and we keep growing every year.  

About 16 years ago I was prescribed cipromycin when I had the flu.  It worked too well and killed all the good stuff in my gut.  That started a long and frustrating search to find out what was wrong.  I know a lot of you have been through a similar experience.

Long story short, I found out that gluten was the culprit.  That was a real blow to my eating habits which, while healthy, included bagels, pizza and other traditional wheat products.  At that time the alternatives were few, expensive and not that good.  That’s when the idea of starting Moondance was hatched.

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Going from my kitchen to Jungle Jim’s to Whole Foods, to The Fresh Market and so many other retailers has been quite a journey.  Every step along the way was a learning experience.  Prior to starting Moondance, much of my working life was spent in the insurance industry: a far cry from the food business to say the least!

From the start, I was committed to one thing above all else and that was to create QUALITY gluten free products.  I wanted Moondance to be a place where people could forget about being gluten free and just enjoy great products.  I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been able to connect with so many loyal customers over the years who agree with me!

So what is it “about” Moondance that sets us apart?  Simple, high quality ingredients used to make great baked goods that you and your whole family can enjoy.  I hope this website becomes the next exciting chapter in the Moondance story!