Our complete line of delicious baked goods starts with breakfast.  Our gluten free coffee cakes are unbelievably most, fluffy and flavorful.  Offered in both Cinnamon Pecan and Bluebarry Almond, you’ll always have something to get you going in the morning!  Here’s a nice review from Wheat Freely.


One thought on “Gluten Free Coffee Cakes

  • January 29, 2018 at 9:17 am

    I accidentally found your products in the frozen dessert section at my local Kroger. I normally look in the organic / natural section and the UDI’s section for gluten free things. I know that it is probably Kroger’s preference where your product is placed but I think placing your product the the majority of gluten free things would help others to find them more easily. I don’t normally look for gluten free products mixed in with non-gluten free products. Anyway the chocolate chip cookie bars and chocolate crinkle cookies were delicious!! It is so hard to find a good GF frozen dessert product. My siblings who also have Celiac Disease enjoyed them as well.


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