Our Stores

Getting and keeping our products into retailers is the lifeblood of our business.  It can also be confusing to explain to our customers. 

If you ask where to buy Moondance, we could say “Kroger” and that would be true.  But it would only be part of the story because we aren’t in every store.  As we grow, we get into more retailers and more regions of the national retailers who carry our products.

Below is a partial list of the stores that carry our products.  This is always changing, so check back.

An added wrinkle comes from the nature of the distribution side of the food business.  Distributors don’t tell us where they distribute our products!  Crazy but true.

Let us know where you found us and we’ll add it to the list


Let us know where you want to find us and maybe we can convince them to do the right thing!

Whole Foods

Ohio, Virginia, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina,South Carolina

Central Market



Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Indiana


all states

Earth Fare

All states

Fresh Market

Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina